About Us


In 2018, artist Anshika Varma founded Offset Projects in New Delhi, India.

Offset Projects works to create channels of engagement in photography and book-making through artist talks, workshops, residencies, curated reading rooms and collaborative exercises in publishing. We believe that story telling lies at the heart of human creative energy. Our mission is to make a space for collective engagement, meaningful critique and reflective inquiry.

The Offset Bookshop was launched in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. It offers a diverse collection of photobooks from the South Asian region (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) from young practitioners to experienced artists, bookmakers and authors.


Anshika Varma 
Founder, Offset Projects

Anshika Varma is a photographer and curator with an interest in personal, collective and mythical histories. With photography and book-making, she is interested in exploring the intricate relationship between memory and object as markers of one’s identity. She is the Founder of Offset Projects.