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Self Published
Softcover, Offset printed on uncoated paper
1st Edition, 2021
32 pages

Each zine comes with one 6x5 print, signed by the author

In December of 2020, Tito met up with and ended up shooting thirteen people - some who he knew personally, and others who he had met for the first time. During the portrait sessions, they sat down to talk about the challenges they faced since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, how they dealt with it and how life had been for them while navigating through those strange times. The images shot during these sessions as well as their words gave birth to the zine - A Still Year.

The portraits were shot in Tito’s studio in Mumbai, mostly during the golden hour. These sun-drenched portraits along with their experiences represent a quiet and meditative memento of the past year.

"The original intent of the zine was for it to serve as a memento, hoping that the bad days were behind us," said Tito. "I finished editing the zine around February of this year, not knowing that worse times were going to be coming very soon."

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