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Accrochage by David Robbins

Accrochage by David Robbins

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Published by Motto Books and Milwaukee Visconti
1st edition, 2020
180 pages

I wrote a script about the art world, called Accrochage. I’m not a screenwriter. I gained my reputation in the artworld, as a writer and artist; sometimes I write books. I’d noticed that in the last few years we were seeing more attempts by movies and television to package the art world for their own audiences. None of these have been written by anyone from inside the artworld, however. I figured that after forty years toiling in it I was in a position to provide a more accurate picture and, on top of that, have my say. I had tales to tell. Accrochage (AK-roe-shahj) is a French term with multiple meanings. It can describe a violent clash, but it is also old art world slang for a gallery exhibition put together out of inventory. My Accrochage is three scripts lashed together to form a whole. — David Robbins
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