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ALONE, TOGETHER - Rema Chaudhary

ALONE, TOGETHER - Rema Chaudhary

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Self Published
1st Edition, 2021
42 pages

Limited edition of 100.
Currently available only in India.
Human connection – how we make it, how we sustain it, and why we need it—is perhaps one of the most universal themes of the pandemic. Most people spent at least some time looking at their loved ones on a screen, but to what extent? Alone, together is an artist book that documents a typical day in the life of two people on opposite sides of the earth using screenshots as the medium. What started as traditional conversation on video, soon became a means of cohabitation. It’s a time capsule capturing the strange ways in which we all learned to live, and perhaps how we began to value the importance of being seen in the most mundane yet intimate moments of our lives.
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