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Self Published
Hardcover case with an accordion book inside
1st Edition, 2019
English / Urdu
46 pages

Happy Goodnight comes from an intimate series of evenings spent between the photographer, Sanjeev Saith, and his parents at their home in New Delhi. In these quiet moments we find the comfort and rhythm of ageing filled with companionship. Time slips by, like in a dream, as we move from the aesthetic of a home interior to closer plays of light on the textures and wrinkles of his parents’ skin. Protected in a beautiful brown case, with notes of the artists’ parents replicated inside, this accordion becomes both book and object. As we weave through the small gestures and moments that surround the life of this couple, Saith has constructed our engagement in a manner that has no beginning, nor end. The accordion becomes a book, an endless loop of evenings spent together and a play with the materiality of the form.

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