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END OF TIME - Ronny Sen

END OF TIME - Ronny Sen

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Nazar Photography Monographs
Hardcover with slipcase, Hand-signed limited edition of 500
1st Edition, 2017
96 pages, 89 plates

End of Time by Ronny Sen is the 4th title in the Nazar Photography Monographs. Based on his award winning work of the devastation caused by the Jharia coal fires in Eastern India, the book is an unflinching and harsh reminder of how greed can adversely impact the environment and its inhabitants.
The work was awarded the Getty Instagram Grant in 2016.
In Ronny’s own words – “The end of time is manifested with shards and fragments; random, scattered elements of human existence, and a community without a future, plunderers of coal who move from site to site with blasting mines. Survival in an apocalyptic landscape.”

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