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Meaning : Conversation
गुफ्तगू    //  گفتگو

Adira Thekkuveettil                Amarnath Praful
Arko Datto                               Arun Vijai Mathavan
Cheryl Mukherjee                  Diwas Raja KC
Jaisingh Nageshwaran         Nandita Raman
Noon Meem                            Uma Bista

Edited and Curated by: Anshika Varma

Guftgu looks to initiate conversations within practice and context. Emerging out of dialogues with practitioners when our world seemed restrained physically, the works incorporated in this curation expand on the processes behind a growing visual language within South Asia and the South Asian diaspora.  

Constructed as a curated collection by Offset Projects, each of the zines included in this edition have been put together keeping in consideration the intent and motivations behind the subject of the work.

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