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1st Edition of 1000, 2024
English, 284 pages
Published by Seema Kohli
Hard Cover with dust-jacket and gatefolds 
Special Edition 150 signed copies - Handmade Box in cloth with gold lettering and additional prints. 
ISBN: 978-81-956749-7-8

Publication Consultant and Editorial Direction: Anshika Varma
Editors: Annapurna Garimella, Sindhura DM
Authors: Adwait Singh, Amruta Patil, Dipanjali Deka, Katie Lazarowicz, Charty Dugdale, Gauri Parimoo Krishnan, Seema Bawa, Vaishnavi Ramanathan, Sona Datta and Lina Vincent
Designers: Misha Oberoi, Anshika Varma
Copy Editors: Mridupankhi Rajkumari, Simrat Kaur
Photographers: Ahmad Shaqulain, Anshika Varma, Sakti Doss, Stella Dupuis, Svabhu Kohli, Vishal Harnal

This curated collection of essays reflects on a four decade long practice of Seema Kohli’s relationship with the arts. Through critical essays and interviews, each piece in the book attempts to trace the complexities and evolution of the artists’ journey and establishes her need to play and experiment with form and story building, with references to her paintings, installations, performance and works in the written word. As an artist, Kohli uses memory, oral histories and spiritual experiences in worlds where the mythical, contemporary, fantastical and real life overlaps. 

Edited by Annapurna Garimella and Sindhura DM, with Anshika Varma as a consultant to the publication, the book brings together essays by eleven art writers from diverse backgrounds. Through their interpretations in four parts of the book: The Body is her Studio, Our Myths Feed her Fantasies, Her Workshop is her Shrine and In Continuum, we are presented with a deep and layered understanding into the urgencies and thought processes of the artist’s journey for the very first time. 

The book places Kohli’s artistic practice at the centre of multiple exercises in intellection.

-Annapurna Garimella, 

The Artist is Everywhere: An Introduction to Art of Seema Kohli

Restless Line in the art of Seema Kohli, 2024

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