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The Other Horses by Nad E Ali

The Other Horses by Nad E Ali

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Pages: 40
Place: Lahore, Pakistan
Year: 2019
Publisher: Self published
Size: 15 x 21 cm (approx.)

Softcover, edition of 200 copies.

The Other Horses is an ongoing visual conversation centered on the Zuljinah processions in Lahore, Pakistan. The multifold experiences associated with the procession and the horse at its center, as well as the climate of intolerance due to which any discussion on the subject tends to degenerate into polemics, compelled Ali to explore it through a photographic medium. He looks at the special relationship between the horses and their caretakers, as well as their presence during the Ashura procession and the subtleties of scale in the world that is created around them. He looks at the spaces where the mourning rituals take place, and tries to capture the sense of place that has accrued to them after years of lived experience that human and animal, man and woman, young and old, rich and poor share in equally.

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